My First 5k

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yet some more tips

1. Land on their heels or midfoot and roll forward to the toe.

2. As you run, try to keep your hands at waist level, right about where they might lightly brush your hip bones.

3. Keep your hands relaxed. You might try touching your thumb and fingers lightly together, as if holding a pencil.

4. Keep your posture straight and erect. Head up, back straight, shoulders level. Check your posture once in a while. As you get tired toward the end of the run, it's common to slouch a little, which can be a minor contributor to shin splints and lower-back pain.

5. Avoid bouncing. Too much up-and-down movement is wasted energy and can be hard on your feet and legs. Try to land softly on your feet, almost as if running on eggshells. The idea is to maintain an economy of motion, with every action dedicated to keeping you moving forward. That goes for your arms, too: no need for exaggerated arm-pumping (except for on the occasional hill). While some side-to-side arm swinging is natural, try to limit it -- there's no reason for your hands to cross your navel on the run, for example.

More Tips

a) if you run with alot of bounce try and keep it steady, don't use more nrg then you have too
b) don't run on your tip toes when your running long distances, run on your flat feet
c) breathe in threw your nose and out threw your mouth
d) breathe!
e) keep proper form, when you lose your form you have to exert more energy because your body is is doing a more difficult task.....

As you are running, use your hips to propell your legs. Too many people use their knees and ankles to run which results in shin splits, bad knees and turned ankles.

Here is a converstional pace: As your foot hits the ground breathe out. Don't consciously breathe in. Take a few more strides (2-4). While in these "paused strides" straighten your posture - this will allow air to effortlessly flow into your lungs (there is no pressure on them). Then breathe out when your foot hits the ground. Repeat. Over and Over.

When you breathe out as your foot hits the ground try to expell all of the air in your lungs. This will be next to impossible to completely empty your lungs, but that is the force with which you want to breathe out. Always focus on the exhalation. Most people have a tendency to hold their breath while doing some sort of physical activity. That is not good. Exhale and then allow your body to naturally draw the air back in as you straighten your posture.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 Results

Miles Ran: 1.2
Miles Walked: 1.2
Time: 11.42
Average: 9:45 minutes per mile

My first set back...kinda I guess...I didn't beat my old time but I did however walked an additional 1.2 miles and I think I did better in my breathing since I didn’t feel like I was going to die at any point of the 1.2 miles of jogging.

One thing I noticed is that I am starting to develop blisters under my feet so I am not sure if that if going to cause a set back. If I can’t run I will jump on my elliptical machine and go at for about an hour or so to keep my heart rate up.

Here are some tips I found on the net that I am trying out:

1. Hydrate the day before and day of race
2. Pace yourself. Start off slow and slowly build up speed
3. Eat normally, but avoid high protein, greasy, foods close to race time. Eat easy to digest foods such as pasta, cereals, or fruits
4. Rest the two days before the race…This mean I needs to not do anything Friday and Saturday
5. Warm Up
6. Know the course
7. Run break points- Keep turns tight. Keep the distance short
8. The final stretch- At some point in the race, usually towards the end, a little voice in your head will often tell you to slow down or stop and walk. If you went out too hard, slowing a bit is OK, but if you have been on pace, you want to maintain that pace. As you approach the finish you want to have some kind of final kick. Moving your arms faster will result in faster leg turnover. Break the last quarter mile into a series of finish lines, one after another. Pick a light pole or a crack in the road as a finish line and as you reach it immediately focus on the next and so on. You will find yourself passing runners instead of being passed

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 Results

Miles Ran: 1.2
Time: 11.14
Average: 9:22 minutes per mile

I improve my pace by 38 seconds per mile. But I almost died trying to do it. I need to find a better way to pace myself. I think my long term goal is to get under 9 minutes pace for the whole 3.1 mile run. I am not sure if I can do it but that is the goal for now.

I am realizing how hard running is. So many times you want to give up during the run but I keep reminding myself that I can keep going and that I can’t stop because if I do I know I will want to walk the rest of the way. It really testes your mental power since your body already wants to give up.

Its crazy that I am talking about this as though I am running a marathon and I have only ran 1.2 miles and then walked an additional 1/2 mile today. My goal for Wednesday is to run the whole 1.7 miles at the same pace of 9:22 minutes per mile. That means I have to run it at 15:55. If you want to calculate your pace/time/etc….I found a cool site at

Monday August 28 2006 Results

Miles Ran: 1.2
Time: 12
Average: 10 per mile

I ran 1.2 miles without stopping…Not bad for my first training session. I thought I was going to die though half way and wanted to so badly give up. My heart was burning. My legs we hurting and my lungs felt like they were about to explode. Man am I out of shape. My goal for tomorrow is to run at least 1.2 miles in 11.30 minutes and run and additional .6 miles to make a total of 1.8 miles

I have all the Equipment!

So over the weekend I went and purchased a new pair of Nike Haurache (best running shoes in my opinion) and yesterday I went to purchase a cheap $10 stop watch at the Target. I am ready for the competition. Actually, I just want to make sure I don't finish last, but if I do I want to make sure I at least look good...

My First 5K

So my friends and I are in yet another competition. We completed three diet contests where I lost twice and won once. I think we all came out about even after all the diet contest.

Now onward to the next contest….I guess it’s our way of forcing each other to be healthy. We are running the CVS 5k in September 17 in downtown Providence. So far there will be four of us running and it’s a winner takes all contest will each of us contributing $50 bucks each. We were thinking the last place person should have to pay $100 to motivate everyone to make sure they are not last place, but that may be a little cruel…

In any case, I will be using this blog track my progress.